ANGAKOK – ”Inner Light”:

a multimedia performance using sound, film, movement and vocals, as well as large-format visualizations.

In the Eskimo language, the word “Angakok” means shaman, but it also has another meaning: “inner light”.

The project is an attempt to take a deep look at one’s inner-self, travelling towards the unique inner light and discovering the rituals which involve emotions that are inherent in human life.

Screaming, howling and wailing express “extreme emotions” which are often present in ourselves. They are secret and hidden, and for different reasons are only rarely revealed in their pure form.

In my view human beings are constantly put to the test of solitude, under the pressures created by other people; as a result “extreme emotions” are released. Many of us experience more than once a ”magical flight” to rediscover our soul – lost and wounded, hidden somewhere in the dark recesses of our inner self, which we often fear to think about. Human fate is often something like a process of initiation; though shattered into pieces, somehow, with superhuman effort we manage to recreate ourselves from scratch, to become someone new, someone stronger, those who has healed themselves due to their own resources.

The performance combines elements of stage action (vocals, movement, music) with the use of multimedia effects (film), light and visualization).

The stage action of the performance is synchronised by Dariusz Tokarczyk with music and computer animation to create a suggestive sonosphere involving sound, movement and visual effects. In this way a syncretic combination of visual and musical space is achieved.

Project team:
Mariusz Koluch – artistic concept, performance, music, vocals, motion pictures
Dariusz Tokarczyk – visualization
Sylwia Szczepańska-Horoszko – film editing
Marzena Dudziuk-Koluch – project coordination

Sound & pictures (live):